Rocket Piano Review – Worthy or Scam? Read Before You Buy!

is rocket piano right for you

Product Name:Rocket Piano
Author/Creator:Ruth Searle
Money Back Guarantee:60 Days
Official Website:CLICK HERE

For quite a number of years today, Rocket Piano has been a choice that is very common for piano students that opt to learn at home. Are you are piano student?

No matter your learning preference, you most certainly have heard about Rocket Piano. Or have you? Rocket Piano is a piano curriculum that is multimedia designed particularly for you as a beginner having little to no earlier knowledge in regard to the piano.

Rocket Piano has been able to do and continues doing its best in making the learning experience one that is enjoyable and fun-filled mostly because it is very challenging for any person to learn piano using the boring and dry exercises.

This curriculum on Rocket Piano develops your skills in piano as fast as possible and gives you the ability to play real music in the shortest time possible as we are going to find out in the following review.

About The Product: Rocket Piano

The product, as some might be already aware, is a piano course that can either be downloaded straight away into your computer or shipped to the house you live in. If your preference is to download it right onto your computer, you are not required to incur any charges as the shipping fee.

On the other hand your preference is to have it shipped to where you live, you are going to be required to incur the shipping cost. Nevertheless, the shipment price is very friendly and considerably lesser than the amount you pay for private lessons.

In the product, lessons are offered for advanced players, intermediates, as well as beginners. Depending on the involvement you wish to have in your playing of the piano, you may consider looking into a different piano course to offer you a piano experience that is greatly well-rounded.

For the newbies who have just begun the learning process of the piano, Rocket Piano may very well be the ideal choice for you. The program is a quite affordable means of getting started as it only goes for $39.95.

This is relatively a lower cost when you compare it to the cost of private lessons that average approximately $30 for each lesson. If you take a single lesson in a week, the cost per month will add up to $120 and $1440 in a year.

Ruth Searle, The Creator Of Rocket Piano

The product is a creation of Ruth Searle, a lady that has been trained to Grade 8 in solo piano. Ruth has well above 15 years of experience with the piano. She has a specialty in classical music though she also is into playing Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Pop, and rock. Quite a variety you have to agree.

On her educational background, we find out that Ruth is a graduate holding a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts with a major in Commercial Music. She also has been awarded an Australian Award for composition.

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Why Is Ruth Searle’s Rocket Piano The Perfect Choice?

If your wish as a student is to have everything offered to you bit by bit at every skill level, this product is most certainly the program for you. It is a means of getting started that is quite affordable.

Features Of The product

3 Lesson Workbooks (Advanced, Intermediate And Beginner)

The very core of the product’s lessons is at the lesson workbooks mentioned. The books are 59, 65, and 165 pages long respectively. The design of every book is professional and aptly-illustrated using notations, diagrams as well as multimedia indicators.

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The focus of this extensive course is on each and every one of the fundamentals of piano playing. Through the entire course, your knowledge of the material is put to the test using short tests that are available and also, you have the ability of tracking the progress you are making on one of the pages.

You are going to learn about the correct intervals, fingering, chords, music notation, scales, theory, arpeggios, and a bunch more. You are going to be taught the playing of music both by sight-reading and by ear. Your mastery of both of these skills are very important if your wish is being a successful pianist.

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2 Genre Workbooks (Jazz Piano & The Gospel, Spiritual, And Hymns Book)

If you desire an introduction to the fascinating genres of Gospel and Jazz that is amazing, you are totally going to love going through these. Similar to the workbooks on the main lesson, video and audio files are available that are corresponding to the various lessons.

191 Audio Files

The audio files show you how each and every one of the various exercises, examples and songs should sound. Nothing quite as frustrating is there as playing something and not knowing for sure what it should sound like.

57 Video Lessons

You are going to get a prompt throughout the course to make reference to these mini video lessons to get additional insight together with live demonstration of mastery of a skill or technique and how it should be done.

mother teaching a child to play a guitor

17 Jam Tracks  

Each and every one of the songs was recorded professionally and are very fun for playing along with. Every song is available in two versions: one being accompanied by piano and the other without the piano accompaniment.

Online Question And Answer Video Lessons

The feature is a new one that has been made available on the members’ area. It features questions from students of Rocket Piano and a video lesson answer from Ruth Searle is shown. Currently available, are only 5 Q&A video lessons but with time, more are expected to be available.


For enquires regarding customer services, you have the ability of contacting the staff of Rocket Piano through email. Furthermore, a quite thorough FAQ area is available with them where seeing answers to questions that are most common is possible.

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Aside from the contacting option of the Rocket Piano staff through email for your enquires as a customer, when you buy the product you are entitled to free of charge piano consultation. Here, you have the opportunity of asking question related to piano to the people at Rock Star Recipes.

Where you can buy Rocket Piano?

Rocket Piano is available on the official website, CLICK HERE 

Final Verdict

If you are a newbie that is in search of a great investment that is available at a fraction of the cost of private lessons, then what I would recommend for you is Learn and Master Piano. This is helpful in giving you a great start. If you desire to have additional lessons at a level that is more advanced, then this course is just the course that you need.
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• If your decision is to have it downloaded onto the computer, you are going to have instance access to the content.

• You are going to be taught songwriting, improvising, sight reading and transposing all of which are great skills and fundamentals to learn.

• You are offered an audio CD for advanced players, intermediate as well as beginners.

• 6 unique and very important bonuses are given to you with the product at no charge whatsoever.

• You have the option of playing along with a band.

• On the product there have been significant positive reviews to assure you that it has actually been put to work and worked. It is certainly not a scam.

• With the product, you get a 60 day money back guarantee just in case you buy in and end up realizing it is different from what reviews claim it to be.


• Your material is limited having only a single DVD foe every skill level.

Summary: In a nutshell, Rocket Piano is an excellent course if what you are looking at is being able to learn something more on the piano regardless of whether you are an advanced player, an intermediate, or a newbie. In it, you are going to be taught a lot of useful and necessary piano fundamentals at a very friendly cost.
To buy the product, all that is required from you is a one-time payment of $39.95 that gives you the opportunity of learning piano at the comfort of your home through the TV or using the computer.

Rated 4.92 stars